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    8 Common Problems with Spin Bikes and How to Fix them

    Before purchasing a spin bike of your own, or using one at a commercial gym, it is important to be aware of the common problems that may arise with your spin bike, and how to properly address them. That’s why we at Akfit are here to help. 

    8 Common Problems with Spin Bikes and How to Fix them

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    Spin bikes are some of the most popular pieces of equipment found in commercial gyms and at home, especially with the growing popularity of Peloton. With that being said, working out on a spin bike has certain pros and cons. 

    Every form of fitness equipment has its drawbacks and ultimately, it depends on the type of workout routine you engage in to determine what is best for your fitness goals. 

    Before purchasing a spin bike of your own, or using one at a commercial gym, it is important to be aware of the common problems that may arise with your spin bike, and how to properly address them. That’s why we at Akfit are here to help. 

    For over three decades, Akfit has operated as a Canadian specialty fitness store located in Sudbury, Ontario. We work closely with our customers locally within northern Ontario, the rest of Canada, and beyond to help them find the fitness equipment that is right for them. 

    In turn, our clients want to know about our spin bikes for sale and how to properly maintain their gym equipment. More specifically, many clients ask about potential problems that could arise with a spin bike and how to address any problems that may appear. 

    In this article, we will detail some common issues with spin bikes and how to properly combat them. 

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    What is a Spin Bike?

    Before diving into the problems with spin bikes, it is important to have a clear understanding of what a spin bike is, how it is used, and the benefits it offers.

    There are several types of exercise bikes on the market but spin bikes are generally the smallest, and the most simple exercise bikes to get used to. 

    In turn, they are very common. So common that one of the most frequent types of programs offered in commercial gyms is spin classes. In addition, spin studios have become prevalent in Canada over the last few years.

    Spin bikes are designed to resemble working out on a road bicycle. The seat is usually smaller and stiff, placed at a similar height as the handlebars. This generally puts the user in a bent-over position, however, on some models, the seat and handlebars can be slightly adjusted to meet the comfort of the user. You can also pedal standing up to increase the intensity of your workout.

    Instead of switching gears, spin bikes typically have a resistance knob or lever which through a brake pad, friction, or magnetic force applies resistance to the flywheel.

    A lot of higher-end spin bike models have incorporated electronics such as video consoles, to help keep the user motivated.

    Spin bikes offer the following benefits: 

    • They can provide a high-intensity workout
    • Spin bikes are generally the most cost-efficient type of exercise bike
    • They are very compact and portable
    • They mimic the activity of exercising on a racing bike
    • Spin bikes provide a lower-body workout
    • Exercising on a spin bike can improve heart and lung health.

    For more information on spin bikes at Akfit, check out our top 5 best-selling spin bikes.


    8 Common Problems With Spin Bikes

    While owning and using a spin bike has its benefits, there are a few drawbacks and potential issues you may have to deal with.


    Magnetic Resistance Problems

    The first problem to look out for is magnetic resistance problems.

    If you regularly use your spin bike, you could eventually notice that there is either a minimal change in resistance to your workouts, or there is no resistance applied whatsoever. 

    If your spin bike features a magnetic resistance system and you experience resistance complications, the magnets may have shifted from their position because of loose bolts or screws. Make sure the magnets are secured properly in their designated position to fix this problem.

    The magnetic resistance can also experience issues if the wiring running to the resistance control of the magnet is faulty. In this case, contact a service center. 

    Moreover, your resistance system could also face issues if the flywheel is wobbly. In this situation the hub needs to be replaced. 


    Not Recommended If You Suffer from Back Pain or Injury

    If you suffer from back pain, working out on a spin bike may not be the best idea. In fact, using a spin bike could intensify or worsen your back pain.

    When you work out on a spin bike, you are usually bent forward due to the pedals and the handles being at a similar height. This can put a strain on the lower back and could worsen your back pain, especially if you are working out at high speeds. 

    If you are enrolled in any spin classes and suffer from back pain, or begin experiencing new back pain, inform your instructor so you can work towards a posture that won’t strain your back. 

    If you are thinking about purchasing a spin bike and suffer from back pain, consult with your doctor first. Perhaps there is a better piece of equipment for you? Check out our article on the Best Exercises and Equipment for Lower Back Pain.


    Not Recommended If You Suffer from Knee Pain or Injury

    Developing knee pain from spinning is a common problem, and usually has to do with your setup and positioning on the bike. If your knees are bending too much, or if you are leaning too far back or forward, it is common to experience knee pain. 

    This posture means you are putting too much pressure on your quads which can eventually overload your knees over time.

    With that being said, don’t have to rule out spinning just yet. This issue can likely be fixed through technique. Try adjusting your seat at the same height as your hip bone while in a standing position. If you find yourself bending over too much, then the handlebars are too far away from the seat and should be moved closer. If you are too leaned back adjust the handlebars forward.

    However, if you already suffer from knee pain or are recovering from injury, a spin bike may not be right for you. Consult with your doctor beforehand if this is the case. 


    Unfamiliar Noises

    Many fitness brands will promote that their spin bike offers a quiet and smooth experience. With that, you should take notice if your spin bike begins to generate unfamiliar sounds. 

    Don’t make any assumptions as you should identify where the noise is coming from first. Most commonly, an unfamiliar sound could be coming from the pedals, belt, or wheels. Whichever part it may be, it likely needs to be detached and lubricated or tightened and loosened. 

    If the pedals are specifically the problem, make sure to check out the threading first. It is possible that your pedals are worn out and need replacement. If the pedals don’t sit at 90 degrees to the crank arm, you will need to replace them. 

    However, it’s possible that the threading has become cross-threaded or damaged. If this is the scenario, you will need to contact a service center such as Akfit so the entire pedal arm can be replaced. 


    Console Display Not Working Properly

    The console is one the most popular features of any cardio fitness machine as they often provide you with key data for tracking your workouts. Many higher-end consoles may also feature an HD touchscreen so you can enjoy virtual training software

    If the console is not working properly or won’t power on altogether, it could be the result of a couple of different issues. 

    Loose cables within your spin bike may be the cause of your display to malfunction, or you may not have enough power going to the machine itself. Before making any assumptions, make sure the power adapter is plugged in properly to a working outlet, or replace the batteries if you require them. 

    If the problem still persists you may want to contact a fitness service center to diagnose the issue with your equipment.


    Inconsistent Heart-Rate Readings

    Keep in mind that heart-rate monitoring is not an exact science. Take the reading the machine is giving you as a range or base of where you are at and not as an exact measurement. 

    Regardless, the heart-rate monitor is a desirable feature for any type of cardiovascular equipment, especially for those looking to safely build up their cardio health. 

    Unfortunately, with any technology, parts can falter or become less effective. Heart-rate monitors can fall within this category, and you may find your monitor providing you with very erratic readings.

    In many cases, this can be a relatively easy fix. Check to make sure that the heart-rate grips/straps are tightened firmly to the body of the bike. If the heart-rate monitors are loose, your readings won’t be as accurate as you need them to be. 


    Pedals Falling Off

    Loose pedals are an unfortunate common issue with spin bikes. If the pedals feel loose, then you will want to tighten them. In order to perform this task, you will need a pedal wrench. 

    If the pedal is loose due to the bolt being loosened, use the pedal wrench to tighten the bolt. It is important to note that the direction of tightening the bolt depends on which pedal you are working on. 

    If the left side pedal requires tightening, rotate the bolt counter-clockwise. If the right side pedal requires tightening, rotate the bolt clockwise.


    Loose Seat &/Or Handlebars

    Another unfortunate problem you may face when spinning is your seat or handlebars becoming loose. 

    This issue usually occurs after adjusting your seat and handlebars accordingly and not tightening them enough, or “clicked in” properly depending on the spin bike model. 

    If the issue still persists after tightening the correct parts, inspect the sleeves of the seat and handlebars and check for worn down parts. Your spin bike may require repair at a recognized fitness service center

    Equipment Servicing at Akfit

    If your fitness equipment requires diagnosis, repair, or maintenance, you may not know what to do. It can be especially difficult if you are unfamiliar with how to properly identify or fix the problem.

    This is why Akfit has a dedicated and insured on-site service department to help you out.

    Akfit’s service department is open Monday to Saturday every week from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. Our service team offers repair and replacement services and can provide preventative maintenance plans to help increase the lifespan and quality of your fitness equipment.

    Our trained and insured service team will visit you at your home or commercial fitness facility and will provide the proper assistance that is required to fix your equipment, whether it's a part replacement, repair, or just maintenance.

    We also offer preventative maintenance plans designed to increase the longevity of your equipment and reduce the likelihood of putting up “out of order” signs.  Our customized maintenance checklists include detailed information outlining the specifics for each piece of equipment such as:

    • Cleaning
    • Inspecting
    • Adjusting
    • Lubricating
    • Diagnosing
    • Testing

    For more information, check out our article What To Do If Your Fitness Equipment Breaks Down: Servicing at Akfit.


    Reach Out to Akfit

    After reading this article, we hope you are aware of all potential problems that could occur with a spin bike and how to fix them. 

    However, sometimes diagnosing the problem isn’t easy, and you may need help. Or maybe, you haven’t purchased a spin bike yet, and are doing research to decide if a spin bike is right for you. 

    We at Akfit highly encourage you to reach out to us today or visit us in-store at our Sudbury location with any of your fitness-related questions. Or, if you prefer to distance yourself socially, you can book a virtual meeting with us so we can help you narrow down your fitness equipment purchasing decisions. 

    Our fitness professionals pride themselves on helping you reach your fitness goals and ensuring you leave our showroom as a happy customer. Any question you may have about our products and services, our experts can answer it. 

    Our experts will work closely with you providing expert fitness advice to help you find the right spin bike or fitness equipment that can help you reach your fitness-related goals. 

    Akfit’s services don't stop there either! If you have already decided on purchasing equipment from us, you can submit a delivery request from

    However, if you are still looking for help in fixing your spin bike, we suggest submitting a retail or commercial service request

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