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    Top 5 Selling BioSteel Products at Akfit

    In this article, we will outline our 5 best-selling BioSteel products to help you find the perfect BioSteel supplement for you. 

    Top 5 Selling BioSteel Products at Akfit

    Are you looking to enhance your fitness routine?  You may have explored the idea of purchasing nutritional supplements to boost your athletic performance. 

    Fitness supplements can be very effective, however, there are many options to choose from when it comes to picking the supplement that is right for you. Not to mention, each supplement has its own unique benefits and the results can differ depending on your health and your unique workout routine. 

    At Akfit, we sell a variety of fitness-related products including nutritional supplements

    Since 1989, Akfit has operated as a Canadian specialty fitness store located in Sudbury, Ontario. We’ve been working closely with our communities locally in northern Ontario, the rest of Canada, and beyond to provide expert fitness advice.

    One of the many products our clients want to know about is our nutritional supplements from BioSteel. In this article, we will outline our 5 best-selling BioSteel products to help you find the perfect BioSteel supplement for you. 

    In this article:

    1. Who is BioSteel?
    2. Akfit’s Top 5 Selling BioSteel Products
    3. BioSteel Creatine
    4. BioSteel Whey Protein
    5. BioSteel Plant Based Protein
    6. BioSteel Recovery Protein
    7. BioSteel Hydration Mix
    8. Reach Out to Akfit
    Biosteel - Plant & Whey Protein, Creatine & BCAAs


    Who is BioSteel?

    BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. is a Canadian company founded in 2009 that is known for producing nutritional products for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. 

    BioSteel’s products were first sold exclusively to professional athletes and teams. In 2010, BioSteel expanded the distribution of its nutritional products to the general public and can be found in various retail stores across the country. 

    BioSteel products are used by 28 different NHL teams, 18 MLB teams, 14 NBA teams, and a multitude of professional golfers. BioSteel also has a business partnership with the Toronto Raptors. 

    Some of the nutritional products BioSteel offers include:

    • Protein powders
    • Hydration mixes
    • Sports drinks
    • Creatine power
    • Plant amino powders
    • Vitamins


    BioSteel’s 5 Best-Selling Products at Akfit

    At Akfit, we sell a variety of nutritional supplements and products from BioSteel. Below, we will detail our 5 best-selling BioSteel products and their benefits. 


    BioSteel Creatine 180g

    At Akfit, we sell unflavoured creatine powder from BioSteel. Each serving size (1 scoop) measures at 2.5g and there are 72 servings per container. Each scoop contains 2500mg of micronized creatine and nothing else. 

    BioSteel’s creatine powder is also vegan, gluten-free, contains zero preservatives, has no artificial sweeteners, and can be easily stacked with your other BioSteel hydration drinks. 

    What is Creatine? 

    Creatine is a natural compound found in skeletal muscle. It is synthesized in the body from amino acids and is also commonly found in seafood and red meat.

    This supplement is recommended for use mostly among those who partake in strength training and sports that involve intermittent sprints or high-intensity exercises. This is mostly because creatine produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which provides energy for muscles in your body. 

    Benefits of Using Creatine

    Creatine can offer fitness enthusiasts the following benefits:

    • Increased muscle availability
    • Increased muscle energy
    • Improves high-intensity athletic performance
    • Speeds up muscle growth
    • May lower blood sugar levels
    • May improve brain function
    • Could reduce fatigue and tiredness
    • Increased lean mass

    Downsides of Using Creatine

    Creatine shouldn’t be taken if you suffer from kidney or liver disease. Creatine is also not recommended for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

    A few other side effects of taking creatine could include:

    • Kidney damage
    • Liver damage
    • Bloating
    • Muscle Cramps
    • Dehydration
    • Digestive problems
    • Compartment syndrome
    • Rhabdomyolysis 


    BioSteel Whey Protein Isolate 816g

    At Akfit, we sell two different whey protein products from BioSteel: Whey Protein Isolate 816g in both chocolate and vanilla. 

    BioSteel’s whey protein isolate (WPI) is a rBGH hormone-free whey isolate from grass-fed cattle made to supply a strong formula of protein with no artificial colors or flavors. These WPI products are also gluten-free and soy-free. 

    Each serving in our whey protein products is 34g, and each container has 24 servings. 

    What is Whey Protein Isolate?

    Whey protein is a group of 8 different proteins found in cow’s milk. These proteins are:

    • Beta-lactoglobulin
    • Alpha-lactalbumin
    • Glycomacropeptide
    • Immunoglobulins
    • Bovine serum albumin
    • Lactoferrin
    • Lactoperoxidase
    • Lysozyme

    Whey protein isolate is processed to reduce fat and lactose content, essentially leaving pure whey protein within its contents. This makes whey protein isolate more desirable for those who are lactose intolerant, but it may not be an ideal product for those who have dairy allergies. 

    Benefits of Using Whey Protein Isolate

    Some benefits of using whey protein isolate can include: 

    • Increased muscle building
    • Potential healing from skin-related injuries faster
    • Can help with losing weight
    • Provides additional protein supplement to your diet
    • Whey can lower blood pressure

    Downsides of Using Whey Protein Isolate

    The most notable downside to using whey protein isolate is that it’s not ideal for those with dairy allergies. If you are lactose intolerant you should still consult with your doctor before consuming any whey protein products whether they are isolated or concentrated.


    BioSteel Plant-Based Protein 825g

    Similar to our whey protein isolate products from BioSteel, our plant-based protein powders also come in two different flavors: Chocolate and vanilla. 

    BioSteel’s plant-based protein powders include proteins from brown rice, peas, and pumpkin seeds. Each individual serving measures out to 33g and there are 25 servings per container. 

    These plant-based protein powders are also 100 percent vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and include added leucine

    What is Plant-Based Protein?

    Plant-based protein is a source of protein that is found in plant-based foods. These plant-based foods include: 

    • Tofu
    • Soya
    • Nuts
    • Seeds
    • Pulses
    • Peas
    • Chickpeas
    • Lentils
    • Black, kidney, and adzuki beans
    • Tempeh
    • Seitan
    • And more

    Benefits of Using Plant-Based Protein

    Even though using plant-based protein powders can have some similar benefits to other powders, they also have their own unique benefits as well. 

    Some benefits include:

    • More environmentally friendly 
    • Another great source of protein
    • You don’t have to worry about dairy allergies
    • Lower chance of chronic disease
    • Boosts your metabolism
    • Can help with weight loss
    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Helps build healthy tissue

    Downsides of Using Plant-Based Protein

    After reading the benefits, you may think that plant-based protein powder is a solution that is too good to be true. Well, just like whey protein, plant-based protein powders also have their drawbacks that aren’t ideal for everyone. 

    Some of these drawbacks can include:

    • Plant proteins are often incomplete proteins
    • Some plant-based proteins can be high in carbohydrates
    • Plant-based proteins are generally more expensive than whey protein powders
    • Plant-based proteins sometimes aren’t the smoothest powder to mix

    If you are looking to use plant-based protein powder in combination with other supplements, make sure to consult with your doctor and be aware of your diet before use. 


    BioSteel’s Recovery Protein 1800g

    BioSteel’s Vanilla Recovery Protein Powder is another powder containing whey protein isolate. However, this product is designed to be used after exercise to refuel the body. 

    This powder provides a unique mix of protein and carbohydrates which are important for proper recovery and growth. 

    Biosteel’s Recovery Protein Plus contains grass-fed whey isolate protein, is gluten-free, rBGH hormone-free, contains a large variety of amino acids, and is a great source of calcium. 

    This product also contains 66g per serving and includes a total of 27 servings per container. 

    What is Recovery Protein?

    As previously mentioned, recovery protein is a mixture of protein (usually whey protein) and other nutrients to promote recovery and wellness after intense exercise. When you consume recovery protein, your muscles are supplied with the amino acids required to repair and rebuild. 

    Recovery protein powders can often include essential carbohydrates that can help replenish energy stores and minimize muscle breakdown. 

    Benefits of Using Recovery Protein

    Some of the benefits of using recovery protein after an intense workout can include: 

    • Ease muscle soreness
    • Speed up recovery
    • Repair torn muscles
    • High source of different amino acids
    • Boosted metabolism
    • Can lower blood pressure
    • Ideal for endurance athletes

    Downsides of Using Recovery Protein

    Similar to whey protein isolate, the most notable downside to using recovery protein is the potential allergens. 

    Since Biosteel’s recovery protein plus features whey protein, it may not be ideal to use for those who are lactose intolerant or suffer from a dairy allergy. Recovery proteins can also contain nuts.

    Make sure to check the ingredients in your recovery protein before consumption. 


    BioSteel’s Hydration Mixes

    At Akfit, we sell 10 different hydration mixes from BioSteel full of key electrolytes, B vitamins, and other minerals to keep you hydrated and energized during your workout. Our mixes can be consumed by easily adding the serving to your water and mixing accordingly. 

    Some of the flavors we carry include:

    • Peach mango
    • Mixed berry
    • Blue raspberry
    • Rainbow twist
    • White freeze

    BioSteel’s hydration mixes are also sugar-free, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, and contain plant-based amino acids. These mixes can be purchased in 16 case packets with each packet containing a 7g serving or can be purchased in a 315g container. 

    What are Hydration Mixes?

    Hydration mixes are powders that can be mixed with any beverage of choice. They contain electrolytes and other minerals designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day. 

    These mixes can come in a variety of flavors and are designed to act as the equivalent of sports drinks. 

    Benefits of Using Hydration Mixes

    There are numerous benefits of consuming hydration mixes including:

    • Replenishing key electrolytes 
    • Enhance endurance
    • Keeps you hydrated
    • Some include sugar and other B vitamins increasing energy levels
    • Many sports drinks and mixes can produce carbohydrates
    • Many come in a variety of flavors
    • Mixable with any beverage

    Downsides of Using Hydration Mixes

    While hydration mixes have their benefits, they can also have their downsides. The main downside to using hydration mixes is that they are very limited in benefits in comparison to other supplements. 

    Hydration mixes won’t help you regain essential dietary nutrients or help you build muscle. 

    Hydration mixes can also become unsafe to use if you consume too much. Make sure to follow the required servings and to note any ingredients that may be potential allergens. 


    Reach Out to Akfit

    We hope now that the breakdown of our best-selling nutritional supplements from BioSteel will help you find the supplement that is right for you. However if you are still unsure, we can help. 

    At Akfit, our fitness professionals can provide you with expert advice regarding our nutritional products to help you find the right choice for you and your fitness-related goals. 

    We highly recommend reaching out to us with any of your fitness-related questions or needs. You can book a virtual meeting with us , or visit us in-store at our Sudbury location. Our fitness experts will work closely with you to make sure you are satisfied with your product.

    If you have decided to purchase any other products available in our online shop, you can request a delivery or installation from us as well. 

    If you want to read more about nutritional supplements and fitness, check out our other informative articles: 

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