25 / Nov / 2021

    Top 5 Selling Spin Bikes at Akfit

    If you’re someone who enjoys a cardio workout, and wants to do so from the comfort of your own home, you may find yourself looking at purchasing a spin bike.

    Top 5 Selling Spin Bikes at Akfit

    For many fitness enthusiasts, the spin bike is a fantastic piece of gym equipment that can help you reach your fitness goals and they’re great because:

    • When the weather outside is just not ideal, you can easily cycle indoors on a spin bike
    • Spin bikes emulate the position of a racing bike rather than a commuter bike
    • Spin bikes generally take up less space than stationary bikes

    But you might be asking yourself a few simple questions. Is a spin bike right for me? Which spin bike is best for my fitness goals? And how do I purchase one? Well we at Akfit are here to help. Akfit is a specialty fitness store that has been providing quality exercise equipment serving consumer and commercial clients since 1989. Our clients want to know about our best-selling spin bikes. 

    In this article we will overview the top 5 selling spin bikes at Akfit and break them down to help you find a spin bike that will be right for you. 


    In this article…..

    1. What Is A Spin Bike?
    2. What Are Spin Bikes Used For?
    3. Benefits of Spin Bikes
    4. Akfit’s Top 5 Selling Bikes
    5. Matrix ICR50
    6. Horizon IC7.9
    7. Nordictrack S22i
    8. Frequency S20
    9. Spirit CIC850
    10. Purchasing Your Spin Bike
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    What Is A Spin Bike?

    The spin bike is a common piece of cardio fitness equipment found in gyms and training centers, but it can often be mistaken for a regular exercise bike. Spin bikes are designed to emulate the experience of riding a real-life outdoor bike while being able to bring the comfort of your workout indoors. 

    The bike is set up so that it puts the user in a position that requires them to lean forward while you cycle. This is emphasized by the handlebars being placed below the seat. However if you wish you can also stand while pedaling on your spin bike allowing for a more intense cardio session.

    While outdoor biking allows for the cyclist to change gears on their bike, spinning workouts involve the use of a resistance knob which applies a break to the flywheel. The purpose of this is to simulate the resistance of riding outdoors whether you would be cycling uphill or against heavy winds for example. Spinning is a convenient and timely workout activity. 

    Some features of a spin bike may include…..

    • Display consoles
    • Reinforced pedals
    • Adjustable seating
    • Multi-position handlebars
    • Different resistance levels
    • Heart rate sensor
    • Heavy-duty flywheel
    • Water bottle holders
    • Solid frames


    What Are Spin Bikes Used For?

    These machines are used for different fitness goals and athletic training however most commonly spin bikes are used by fitness goers to help them reach their weight-loss goals. But that isn’t the only reason to hop on or invest in a spin bike. These stationary bikes also offer a full-body workout while focusing on key muscles such as your calves, abs, shoulders, thighs, and hips.

    You can also combine low-intensity and high-intensity workouts on your spin bike for interval training. This is known to improve your metabolism.

    Some spin bikes may include a console or screen on the machine to help you keep track of your fitness goals whichever they may be. The data that may be of use to you, is the ability to potentially track your calories burned, distance cycled, time elapsed during your workout, and number of pedal strokes. 


    Benefits of Spin Bikes:

    Cycling during your low-intensity or high-intensity can offer a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits while exercising on your spin bike could include the following:

    • A full-body workout
    • Improved metabolism
    • Burning calories
    • Cycling from the convenience of your own home
    • Strengthens your heart
    • Less pressure on joints and knees compared to other cardio workouts
    • Builds stronger muscle tone in lower-body muscles
    • Improves your balance


    Our Top 5 Selling Spin Bikes

    Purchasing a spin bike is investing in your well-being. While owning a spin bike, any possibility of the great outdoors ruining your workout is completely squashed. There is no more worry of having the cycle in the rain, snow, poor road conditions, busy environments, or poor air quality. You’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of cycling from home.

    These are our top 5 selling spin bikes at Akfit:  


    Matrix ICR50

    Matrix has a long history of providing quality fitness equipment across the globe for over four decades. The ICR50 model is one of their high-end spin bikes that offers a virtually limitless diverse selection of workouts with its wide array of features, unique design, and advanced ergonomics. We at Akfit sell the Matrix ICR50 with the optional console for $2,498.00.

    The Matrix ICR50 sizes up at a weight of 114 lbs, sits with a height of 43'', a width of 22.5'', and length of 53''. This model features a rear aluminum flywheel with 11 levels of magnetic resistance and can handle a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The seat and handlebars are adjustable making it easier for any rider to find a comfortable position, and this bike also comes with dual sided pedals.

    This spin bike model provides users with the choice of an optional 22'' console. The IX display console provides the complete experience for cyclists by allowing you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or other multimedia devices to stream your live or on-demand spin classes. You could even stream a movie or show of your choosing, whichever helps you feel comfortable on your Matrix ICR50. 

    The console mounts easily at the front of the bike and includes pivoting brackets so you can adjust the angle of your screen. The 22'' console is also strategically placed so it does not interfere with your contact with the handlebars or water bottle holder. The screen also features an energy saver mode to reduce energy consumption and integrated speakers which provide clear sound for your streaming purposes without the need for headphones. 

    The Matrix ICR50 is bluetooth compatible and designed to work with top training apps such as Peloton, Kinomap, and Zwift to help you reach your goals making this bike and your workout opportunities even more customizable. 

    Since this spin bike has no moving parts with its magnetic resistance system, it offers smooth, instant, and precise resistance changes simply by pushing a button. This provides a quieter and more durable experience than most traditional resistance features. 

    The protected design of the rear aluminum flywheel also protects the wheel from sweat, which reduces maintenance and ultimately extends the life of the bike. The Matrix ICR50 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a 5 year warranty on the console. So if you are someone who wants a higher-end spin bike with an influx of different features, want to get the most out of your investment and don’t mind purchasing a bike at a higher cost then the Matrix ICR50 could very well be the bike that meets your requirements.


    Horizon IC7.9

    Unlike other spin bikes where a console is either optional or included, the Horizon IC7.9 is a spin bike that takes a different approach allowing the user to use their own tablet as this machine’s larger HD console. So unlike some other models, the Horizon 1C7.9 is a cheaper option for those who want to engage in a cycling routine. We at Akfit sell this model for $998.00.

    However, due to its minimal programming this model may be best for familiar spin bike users where searching for a workout program may be easy to navigate compared to a beginner. But with other high-end features to this bike, the Horizon IC7.9 provides users a great return on investment for a modest price. 

    The IC7.9 features an aluminum flywheel, and a heavier than average one with an overall weight of 35 lbs providing good rolling resistance for cyclists but also delivering smoother rides and momentum between pedal strokes. 

    As for resistance, the Horizon IC7.9, you can adjust your resistance levels with a lever ranging anywhere from 0 per cent intensity to 100 per cent. However according to Horizon there are only 10 resistance levels spaced between the 0-100 per cent bar, but you can place your resistance in between these levels. 

    The Horizon IC7.9 features a fully adjustable bicycle seat, fully adjustable multi-grip handlebars allowing you to cycle standing up or sitting down, and dual sided pedals providing a toe cage on one side and a clipless system on the other side. 

    Obviously with the biggest money saver being a lack of a HD console that is provided with the bike, the Horizon IC7.9 does come with a small LCD console that measures some data such as calories and distance. This does come in handy since the IC7.9 is not bluetooth compatible. 

    The Horizon IC7.9 does come with a manufacturer warranty that covers the frame of the spin bike for a lifetime, and 1 year protection on both parts and labor. While this bike may not have a top-end HD console and may not be Bluetooth compatible, it is a good bike for those who want a sturdy machine with a heavy frame that is reasonably priced. 


    Nordictrack S22i

    The Nordictrack S22i is the company’s flagship commercial studio spin bike for 2020. Priced at $2,798.00, the S22i is a higher-end bike that is built for fast calorie burn, the variety of different workout videos on the 22” high definition touch screen tailors to those who enjoy upper-body training along with lower-body and cardio workouts. 

    Nordictrack named the bike after their 22” high definition touch screen that is optimized for iFit workouts. It’s worth noting that this screen however is only compatible with the iFit app, you can’t stream any other services such as Netflix for example. However, the console tilts and rotates 360 degrees, so if you want to include some floor workouts in your day, this feature may be perfect for you. 

    Each time you hop on your Nordictrack S22i, the console will greet you with a variety of workout videos. These spin exercise sessions provide the user with content where the iFit trainer addresses the camera with tips tailored to your workout. So if you like a variety of different cycling exercise options and an experience that emulates having an instructor who will encourage you on the way, then the S22i may be the bike for you. 

    This model features an inertia enhanced flywheel which is designed to maintain its uniform motion. This provides the user with a flywheel that will have a smooth rotation without any jolty imbalances during motion, and handles a weight capacity of 350lbs.

    The Nordictrack S22i provides the cyclist with 22 different resistance levels with their NordicTrack’s SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. These different resistance levels are geared towards cardio exercise with strength training involved. The resistance mechanism is friction-free which allows the bike to operate quietly. 

    The padded seat on the S22i is adjustable vertically and horizontally and is interchangeable with other road saddles so that you can customize your spin bike to optimize the feel of biking outdoors if you’d like. Another customizable feature on this Nordictrack model are the pedals. The caged pedals can be swapped out for standard road pedals.

    Unique features that come with the Nordictrack S22i also includes two workout fans with a variety of settings, and the bike includes storage behind the handlebars and under the console that is designed to fit small barbells so that you can fit in an upper-body workout as well. To new cyclists you may not know where to start with this idea, but with the iFit app on this model’s console, you’ll be able to easily find an exercise session that will work for you. Finally the bike also is compatible with bluetooth chest straps for heart rate monitoring. 

    So if you’re someone who wants a spin bike that offers a wide range of different workout routines and a higher-end bike with a multitude of features who doesn’t mind spending the higher dollar amount, then the S22i may be right for you.


    Frequency S20

    The Frequency S20 Friction Spin Bike is another cost-friendly option for cyclists who just want to bring their workout routines indoors. At Akfit, we sell this model for $698.00. The S20 is a standard spin bike with a shorter amount of features compared to most bikes, but for some this may just be the bike that is right for you.

    The S20 weighs in at just 100 lbs but still handles a weight capacity of 300lbs. This bike measures out to an assembled height of 50", a length of 41", and a width of 22". There is no touchscreen console with this bike, this means that the user will need to look up their own customized workout programs on their own device. 

    This Frequency Fitness model features a chain drive system and has a mechanically balanced flywheel with a weight of 42 lbs which is slightly heavier than average. As for the S20’s resistance system, the levels are adjusted by a knob on the bike. There is also an emergency stop press knob featured on the S20 as well.

    As for the simple cycling features that emulate the experience of being on a bike, the seat on the Frequency S20 is adjustable. The user can move the seat forwards and backwards, as well as change the height of their seat. While the pedals on the S20 are your standard bike pedals. 

    The S20 does include a water bottle holder, which believe it or not, not every spin bike has. But also has moving wheels which makes this bike very easy to transport. The S20 is also a very easy bike to assemble compared to most other spin bikes, so just because this bike is a little more cost friendly, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great advantages to owning a Frequency S20 Friction Spin Bike.

    Finally, Frequency Fitness does provide a manufacturer’s warranty on the S20. This warranty includes a lifetime protection on the frame, as well as a 2 year warranty on parts, and a 1 year warranty on labor. So if you are looking for a basic bike that is cost friendly and still helps you reach your fitness goals then the Frequency S20 Friction Spin Bike may be the best option for you.


    Spirit CIC850

    Spirit Fitness has been in the cardio equipment game for a long time, they produced their first fitness product in 1983 and are known for their fitness equipment to be durable and of high quality. At Akfit, we sell the Spirit CIC850 for a price of $1,898.00 with other financing options available. While the cost may seem like another big investment, it is still cost-friendly compared to other high-end spin bikes.

    The Spirit CIC850 is a high-performance spin bike, it features a small wireless and bluetooh compatible console that provides data on your distance, speed, calories burned, pulse, watts, and revolutions per minute. This small LCD backlit console sits right between the handlebars. But resting above the console is a tablet holder, so if you want to look up your own customized workouts or spin classes, you can easily do so with the comfort of your own device that can be conveniently placed on your bike. 

    The CIC850 uses a magnetic resistance system with a rotary knob and micro adjustments which is designed for a smooth and consistent ride. The flywheel of the bike is closer to the average weight of a spin bike flywheel measuring out at 37 lbs, and its rear drive train with the CIC850’s industrial grade Hutchinson poly-v belt is silent. As for the size of the bike, this Spirit model weighs in at 127 lbs but can handle a weight capacity of 350 lbs. 

    As for your standard cycling experience the Spirit CIC850 features a racing saddle seat with micro forward and backward adjustments, and is also adjustable in height. Also slightly adjustable are the multi grip handlebars, which can also move up and down, as well as micro adjustments that can be made forward and backwards. 

    Underneath the racing saddle, the Spirit CIC850 does include dumbbell holders which is listed as this bike’s unique feature. This holder is removable if you feel like you just might not want them included on your bike, but provide a nice convenience on your spin bike if you want to include an upper-body workout in your cycling routine.  

    But the CIC850 does have other features that, while not uncommon, still are not included in every spin bike. The most noteworthy of these features would be the heart rate monitoring system. Though there is no heart rate strap included, the heart rate monitor is measured through contact and it’s telemetric. This spin bike also includes dual water bottle holders right below the handlebars.

    As for the warranty, Spirit’s manufacturer’s US commercial and residential warranty does cover a lifetime protection on the frame, as well as 3 years on the brakes, 3 years on parts, 1 year on electronic and wear items, and 1 year on labor.

    If you are interested in a spin bike that is great for long-term investment, has the majority of features that other higher end spins bikes provide, as well as the ability to include a convenient upper-body workout while not having the pay the highest price on the market for a spin bike, then the Spirit CIC850 may be the choice for you.


    Purchasing Your Spin Bike

    So if you are ready to bring your cycling routine into the comfort of your own home Akfit can help you find the spin bike that is perfect for you.

    There are many different spin bikes available to suit different preferences. Whether you’re looking for a simple spin bike with basic features or a model that offers you a wider range of programs, features, and entertainment options, we can help you find the spin bike that is the right fit for you.

    As an experienced fitness store, Akfit is dedicated to helping our clients meet their fitness needs. Whether you’re looking at spin bikes for your home gym or your commercial gym, the quality equipment we sell is built for heavy use to make sure that you get the most out of your spin bike. 

    Contact us and talk with one of our experts. We can help you narrow down your selection based on your fitness goals and cost. We enjoy sharing our fitness expertise with our clients, and we take great pride in when we can help you find equipment with the exact features they need.

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