15 / Nov / 2021

    Top 5 Selling Treadmills at Akfit

    Treadmills are used for a variety of purposes to help people reach their fitness goals, but it can be difficult deciding what treadmill might be right for you. In this article we explore our top 5 selling treadmills.

    Top 5 Selling Treadmills at Akfit

    For countless fitness enthusiasts, treadmills are a must-have piece of gym equipment. They serve a wide range of purposes and help people meet their fitness goals. Treadmills are useful because:

    • When the weather’s inclement and it’s not practical to go outside, walking or running can be easily done indoors on a treadmill.
    • A treadmill can be adjusted to different speeds so that people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit.
    • Treadmills provide a convenient way to do cardio exercise.

    If you’re in the market for a treadmill, you may be wondering where to begin and what to look for? Akfit is a specialty fitness store, and we frequently answer our client’s questions about our treadmill selection. Our clients often want to know more about our best-selling treadmills. 

    In this article, we address these questions to help our audience narrow down their selection and help everyone find what they’re looking for. 

    In this article.....

    1. What is a Treadmill?
    2. What Are Treadmills Used For?
    3. Numerous Benefits of Treadmills
    4. Our Top 5 Selling Treadmills
    5. Purchasing Your Treadmill
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    What Is a Treadmill?

    A staple of most home and commercial gyms, a treadmill is an exercise machine that enables people to walk, jog, or run in place. The moving platform, with its motor-driven conveyor belt that advances to the rear, lets the user walk or run at a speed in unison with the belt’s motion. 

    It’s a popular machine for doing cardio exercises, since walkers can go at a speed they’re comfortable with, and dedicated runners can really work up a sweat. 

    Believe it or not, treadmills are the largest-selling exercise equipment on the market. Everyone from casual fitness enthusiasts to extreme sports athletes can make good use of a treadmill machine. 


    What Are Treadmills Used For?

    These cardio machines are used for fitness and for athletic training. The earliest treadmill patent for a training machine dates back to 1913. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that medical research on heart health and the benefits of aerobic exercise supported developing treadmill exercise machines for home use. 

    In addition to serving as cardio machines for fitness workouts and sports training, treadmills offer many other purposes, including in hospitals and rehab centers to help patients recovering from illnesses and injuries. School campuses and rec centers also make use of this exercise equipment to provide fitness options to their communities. 

    There’s even a specialized treadmill aboard the International Space Station that astronauts exercise on to keep the heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy and to maintain bone and muscle integrity.


    Numerous Benefits of Treadmills

    Walking, jogging, hiking, or running on a treadmill offers many benefits. Exercising on treadmills can help bring about the following:

    • Improved mental health and brain chemistry associated with endorphin release
    • Stronger heart and improved blood circulation
    • Weight loss, along with the ability to maintain desired weight levels
    • Stronger leg muscles
    • More flexible joints
    • Less impact on your body compared to running on outdoor surfaces
    • Better muscle tone, including in the abdominal region
    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Increased relaxation
    • Improved blood sugar levels (important for everyone but especially for diabetics)
    • Less belly fat
    • Better physique
    • Boosted immunity

    A treadmill can make regular exercise accessible to larger segments of the population. People who are overweight, are immunocompromised, have ankle or knee issues, have arthritis, or deal with chronic conditions can enjoy a cardio workout at home on a softer surface, without being exposed to whatever infections are circulating in the community. 


    Top 5 Best-Selling Treadmills

    Buying a treadmill is an investment in your health. With a treadmill, you won’t have to worry about missing an exercise session because of rain, snow, bitter cold, intense heat, or poor outdoor air quality. You’ll be able to get a great cardio workout indoors, enjoying the convenience and privacy that a home gym offers. 

    At Akfit, these are our top-selling treadmills ...


    Spirit XT185

    This machine is a great choice for walkers who want a casual cardio workout at home. Considered an entry-level treadmill, the Spirit XT185 is very dependable and perfect for many users. It doesn’t have all the additional programs and features that higher-end models have, but it provides the basics for a good workout. The cost is $1,498.

    The Spirit XT185 is great for people who:

    • Prefer a machine that’s streamlined and simple to use
    • Thrive on minimal programming
    • Want to start a walk or hike in the most straightforward manner
    • Benefit from commands that are easy to understand
    • Want to simply press “Start” to get going on their workout

    The Spirit XT185 provides users to choose from speeds starting at 0.5 mph up to 10 mph. The machine provides 10 different incline levels and the belt measures out at 20x55” and has a weight capacity of 275 lbs.

    As you exercise with this model, you can keep track of nine pieces of data simultaneously on it’s 7.5 blue backlit LCD screen. This unit provides a swivel cooling fan (as do all of our treadmills) and lets you easily program speeds and inclines. 

    The Spirit XT185 also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck, while providing a 5 year warranty on parts, and a 1 year warranty on labor. 

    If conserving space is an important consideration for you, this unit solves the space problem thanks to its fold-up design – a space-saving feature for when the equipment is not in use.

    The Spirit XT185 provides a comfortable exercising experience thanks to six cushions that are evenly distributed throughout the treadmill. 


    Spirit XT685

    Serious runners and families looking for the ideal at-home training treadmill love the Spirit XT685. This model is also rated for light commercial use in facilities. This flagship X-Series model provides a wide selection of options, adjustments, and features, making it perfect for a household with many different people, each person having a unique set of fitness goals and abilities. This model sells for $2,998.

    The Spirit XT685 appeals especially to those who:

    • Want a wide range of program and feedback options.
    • Enjoy intense running or walking
    • Want a model with a heavy-duty frame ideal for frequent runs.
    • Need to track and record workouts, which can be done in this model with the Bluetooth Spirit Fit App.

    This treadmill is Spirit’s flagship X Series treadmill, you’ll have 12 programs at your disposal, letting you take advantage of different modes such as Fat Burn, Cardio, Interval, and Hill, among others. 

    The belt measures out at 22x60” and features 3 large diameter rollers with speeds ranging from 0.5 mph to 12 mph and has 15 incline levels. The Spirit XT685 features a non-foldable frame design with a waxed deck system that allows for high durability and weighs in at 269 lbs while providing a maximum user weight of 425 lbs. 

    You’ll also have access to a wide range of feedback information, such as time, speed, and elevation to heart rate, calories, average pace, distance, altitude, laps, and segment time with a 9” LCD blue backlit screen

    The treadmill also provides unique features such as an mp3 audio jack and speakers, dual storage trays, a swivel fan, and an alternating strength and cardio fusion program.

    Speed and incline controls are included in the handrails for convenience, as well hand pulse grips and a heart rate strap included. The Spirit XT685’s six cushions create a comfortable running experience.  


    Matrix TF30 XIR

    Increasingly, people want to replicate the commercial gym experience at home. The Matrix TF30 XIR lets you get a club-quality feeling when you work out on your personal treadmill. This machine is great for a wide range of cardio exercises and best for a couple of users. Whether you’re interested in walking, jogging, or light running, this model will serve you well. Its price is $3,048.

    The Matrix TF30 XIR treadmill is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who:

    • Like to stay engaged and entertained during workouts, which is achievable thanks to the XIR console that features Netflix and all the Matrix training apps.
    • Want to experience a natural, powerful run.
    • Demand a high-quality, Ultimate Deck system with a heavy-duty frame and industrial-grade cushions.
    • Seek a quiet experience and a high level of responsiveness, which this model achieves thanks to its Johnson drive system.
    • Want access to many programs and popular apps.

    A total of 11 programs are available for you to vary up your routines. The 16” class HD touchscreen display is easy to interact with. 

    Being Bluetooth enabled makes the Matrix TF30 XIR compatible with a wide range of exercise apps. Other features include Viafit connectivity, Virtual Active integrated, and Passport ready.

    With speakers, a USB port, and console apps available, this unit provides you with plenty of options to exercise your way.  


    Matrix TF50 XR

    This club-quality, legacy treadmill is built for serious runners and is perfect for households with multiple users. The XR console makes the Matrix TF50 XR an affordable option while still providing the essential display information most fitness enthusiasts need. The cost of this treadmill is $3,548.

    People may choose the Matrix TF50 XR if they:

    • Want a natural, satisfying run and an advanced frame and deck combination
    • Seek a space-saving folding design
    • Benefit from access to a range of programs
    • Need a cost-effective yet powerful model
    • Are looking for a good balance of features and durability

    These treadmills bring you a diverse set of programs that include Calorie, Distance, Fat Burn, Resistance Intervals, Rolling Hills, Sprint 8, and more.

    Other features of the Matrix TF50 XR include a folding frame for storage ease, a reliable Johnson drive system, and an Ultimate Deck system for cushioning. 

    This model is ideal for both light and heavy running, as well as for speed walking. 


    Matrix TF50 XIR

    Serious runners who also want to maximize entertainment options while exercising appreciate the Matrix TF50 XIR. This model’s console gives you lots of choices to stay entertained while you work out. This treadmill costs $5,698.

    The Matrix TF50 XIR is ideal for fitness aficionados who:

    • Are looking for treadmills that are tough and durable.
    • Want to maximize their entertainment options while exercising.
    • Need access to apps that enhance the workout routine.
    • Want a lot of programs to choose from.
    • Need a model that will accommodate different users with different fitness goals.

    With the Matrix TF50 XIR, you can walk, speed walk, jog, or engage in light or heavy running. The responsive Johnson drive system and the Ultimate Deck cushioning system will give you a comfortable workout.

    Providing many programs to meet the demands of all the members of your household, this model may be the right multi-user choice in terms of features, durability, and entertainment value. 


    Purchasing Your Treadmill

    If you’re ready to give your cardio exercise routine a boost with your own treadmill, Akfit can help you select the machine that’s right for you. 

    There are many models available to suit different exercise styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a simpler, streamlined unit with basic programs or a versatile, powerful model that offers you a wide range of features, programs, and entertainment options, we can help you find the treadmill that’s right for you and your family. 

    As experienced fitness specialists, Akfit is dedicated to meeting the community’s fitness needs. Whether you’re looking at treadmills for your at-home gym or your commercial gym, our quality machines are built to last and can handle the rigors of your preferred routines. 

    We recommend talking with one of our representatives who can help you narrow down your selection based on your goals and budget. We love to share our fitness expertise with members of the communities we serve, and we’re ecstatic when we can help clients find equipment with the exact features they need. 

    To get started, simply contact us and provide a short description of what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you soon to help meet your fitness needs. 

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